Our oenologist has spent 11 years doing research and trying to discover the recipe for the elixir of life, the drink that grants you with eternal youth. His results showed signs of being very close to reaching this goal, but then he disappeared from his laboratory a week ago and no one knows what happened to him.
We need you to investigate what happened to our oenologist and discover whether he managed to produce the elixir of life.





SOMMOS Escape Room is the newest activity at Bodega SOMMOS. Revel in all its intensity in our stunning atmosphere. Upon finishing the game, you’ll savour a glass of wine at the Bodega Sommos Wine Bar.


Our oenologist has been kidnapped!  We need to find him and learn whether he has achieved the goal of his research: to discover the formula for the elixir of life. Our oenologist is a rather curious man. Months back, he was in a suspicious accident that gave him a skull fracture and anterograde amnesia. He cannot generate new memories anymore, so he has to write everything down and take pictures of what he does.

We don’t know how, but some information relating to his research has been leaked. Doctor Schneider, director of one of the most powerful pharmaceutical firms in the world, wants to destroy the formula because it would mean the end of his company’s empire.

We have evidence that our oenologist split up the formula into different parts which he kept in diverse spots around his laboratory.

There are two ways of gaining access to his lab: by retina scan or with an emergency key. The good news is that we have the key. The bad news is that this key can only open the door once. After that, a 60-minute timer counts down to the moment when the laboratory will be hermetically sealed, leaving whomever is inside with no oxygen. Please understand: our oenologist has had to take extreme measures of precaution to protect the formula ever since that suspicious accident, and he has received threats ever since. But, if you are vigilant and manage to unlock all of the clues that will lead you to the formula, you will leave with your lives, and not only that: you will also be among the special few to enjoy the elixir’s benefits.

Are you ready to take on this mission?


How long does the game last?
The escape room game lasts approximately 60 minutes.  When you finish the game, you can savour a glass of wine from the Bodega Sommos Wine Bar too.

Number and age of participants
Groups of 2 to 5 people may play. There is no minimum age for participation.

It is very important that you be on time to guarantee the full 60 minutes for the game.
If your group is late by more than 15 minutes, you might not be able to do this activity.

The total cost for this activity is €65 regardless of the number of participants. The post-game glass of wine is included in the price.


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