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Sommos Varietales Tinto Magnum

SOMMOS VARIETALES TINTO, a wine with a Mediterranean personality that brings out the freshest succulence of Tempranillo and Syrah. We chose vineyards planted on north-facing slopes and aged the wine in oaken vats to preserve every last ounce of fruit.

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14 º


Our own “Cordon libero” style vineyard in Montesa, trained at a height of 1.3 m. Dry farming method used in sandy loam soils with low organic content. Average production of 4,500 kg/ha.


Mechanical night harvest during the second and third weeks of September. Parcels are harvested individually, resulting in distinct wines. All grapes undergo selection at the sorting table and barrels are filled by the flow of gravity.


A cold soak macerates the grapes for the first 72 hours, after which they are fermented at 24°C to 26°C and macerated a second time for approximately 5 days.


Aged in French oak vats and selected barrels for eight months and subsequently blended.

CWSA 2018 - Medalla de Oro
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Mundus Vini 2019 - Medalla de Oro

Colour: Very clean cherry red robe with purple reflections.
Nose: Distinctly varietal wine with fruity and spiced notes that enhance the wine’s complexity and quality.
Palate: A rich sensual experience, full of fruity and toasted flavours accented by fine, well-integrated oak.
Serving Temperature: 18ºC.

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